Kyle Proposes to Breanna

Kyle proposes to Breanna

You may have seen this proposal enough already but we wanted to share the ins and outs of how this came together from our point of view! To really understand how proposal planning works we have decided to take you through the process from the very beginning!

Luckily we have such great friends over at Rustic White Photography that referred us to Kyle in the first place ( Kyle and I met for lunch one day to discuss how BASH could help him take his proposal to Breanna to another level. He already had the ring and knew that somehow he wanted to incorporate her love of orchids into this special day. This was the only information he had so far! After looking at many pictures of Breanna and asking Kyle specific questions about her, we sort of had her style in mind. Believe it or not we couldn’t find her on Facebook or Pinterest!

We discussed several options of creating our own orchid garden and even made calls to certain places in the city to find something remote and unique. That idea failed as there aren’t many possibilities at all where there are tons of orchids. The Atlanta Botanical Garden just seemed to be the perfect spot! But our goal as proposal planners is to go above and beyond and create a setting that is personal and unique to the couple themselves. And so the romantic picnic in the park was created. It seems simple really. But we were able to make it all about them in a setting that Kyle wouldn’t have been able to create without a little help. One of her favorite colors is blue and her style seemed to lean more towards the edgy, vintage side. She also loves games. We found the Button Checkers game online and this really became our inspiration for this proposal. Their picnic baskets were filled with a light meal, since he would take her out to a nice restaurant later that day. And the two pillows with their initials were just a little momento that we made for them to remember the day!

We really wanted to create some suspense for Breanna. They had talked about marriage before but Kyle didn’t think she had any idea it was coming. So of course something extra special like this out of the blue would surely give it away, right? Well he decided to take her out the day before as well to one of her favorite restaurants. The next morning was the picnic, which surely she thought would be the place he would propose. Not yet!! After playing checkers and admiring the view of Atlanta over the lake in Piedmont Park he walked her over to the orchid garden at Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Since he had given her an orchid on many occasions before and they all died (It’s ok Breanna, orchids are really hard to keep alive! 🙂 They require moisture and the perfect temperature!), we decided that giving her a silk orchid on this special day would represent their lasting love for each other! We needed to bring the silk orchid into the picture and so I posed as a worker at the garden and handed Breanna a silk orchid as a gift from the gardens, telling her we gave them away on Sundays. Soon after, he would explain the meaning behind the orchid being silk and how it represented that their love would never die, and drop down on one knee!! And she said YES!!

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